Trippin’ on the Road: Day 3

I have spent many a night at my parents’ home watching reruns of The King of Queens with my dad.  Even though I had heard its theme song countless times, there was always one phrase that eluded me, one that I could never quite make out…but then I saw it:

“My eyes are gettin’ weary,
my back is gettin’ tight.
I’m sittin’ here in traffic
on the…

"...Queensborough Bridge tonight."

Queensborough Bridge tonight.”

As Chelsea & I crossed the bridge, I sang the catchy theme, finally knowing all of the right lyrics.  Even in the midst of the Concrete Jungle–a place so foreign to me–I found a remnant of home.

The next morning (and final day of travelling) began with a happy Pop-Tart and a sad goodbye.  Wolfe was a great host (he bought us cookies), and it was so good to see him; we’re incredibly thankful for him.

Me with the new king of Queens.

Me with the new King of Queens.

We braved the traffic of downtown New York once more.  Before I complain, may I just first say that it was fun and I’m glad to have done it.  Now, rant: that place is a freakin’ mess: people walking between cars, cars parking in the middle of congested streets with their hazard lights blinking, traffic perpetually being inches away from gridlock, and horns blaring at my Iowa license plate (which, admittedly, reads “Clueless”).

When we got out of New York, Chelsea & I breathed a sigh of relief. (We are glad we got to experience the crazy crampedness, but we love our wide open spaces/cornfields!)  Not long after, we entered Connecticut…

Hometown of Lorelai Gilmore.

Hartford, CT: hometown of Lorelai Gilmore.

…and not long after that, we exited Connecticut.  The scenery was beautiful, but my favorite thing about the state was its Interstate plazas–they were literally 10 yards away from the road!  Stopping to get gas & food didn’t see like such a burden when the exit ramp was 30 feet long.

Lastly, we entered our new home: Massachusetts.  Though a rainy gloom covered New England that day, it could not cover her beauty: tall trees, old homes, history.  It was dark when we finally exited the highway and entered the winding roads leading to our destination.  The treelines thickened and the neighborhoods thinned the closer we got.  And then we saw the sign:

Narnia-like, am I right? (Credit goes to Chelsea--what a beautiful photo).

Narnia-esque, am I right?
(Credit goes to Chelsea–what a beautiful photo).

Chelsea & I loved our 3-day road-trip.  I had never been east of Ohio, so I was glad to finally experience bits of each state as we drove along.  (FYI: Pennsylvania blew me away.)

chess & checkers,

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