Our Book-Tower

(Frd) Bread Danson needs to get off of my television because he’s screaming sociopolitically-motivationally-charged-esoteric breezes off of his chest, getting them off one-by-two in a tertiary manner (the primary being the 4 food groups, the secondary being a batch of foreign automobiles).  Crazy babies–they are the best ones, all smiling their faces off, freakin’ us out because they don’t cry.  That’s right: the crazy ones don’t cry.  Don’t they not, Grrrrrrrrrrrrisk?  Take me to the battle station where we’ll whip up some celery sticks and bootstraps will cover new & newest kaleidoscopic topics.  Too many hues, too many topics to collide about      it’s      my      town    and I     won’t     stand or sit    for no bodies, no metaphysical appearances, or straw-men built of fallacious caste systems.edu

Frd’ing is how my brain winds down from studying.  Okay, here we go:

“I have too many books, I have not read too many books, and  I do not have too many bookcases,” I thought aloud as Chelsea rolled her eyes at my next, greatest scheme.  “I will build a bookcase.”

"You want to build/make THIS?"

“You want to build this?”

“Build” isn’t quite the right verb, because I feel like building entails tools and screws/nails.  The bookcase I made (there, that’s the right verb) used none of these things–though I still had to make a trip to Home Depot to gather the materials (which, again, made it feel like I actually was building something):

This is a man's shopping cart.

This is a man’s shopping cart.

Looking at the materials I had amassed, I considered building a cinder-block fortress instead–but where in my fortress would I place my books?!  Alas, I marched on toward Bookcasedom.

Fact: cinder-blocks are heavy, and they are twice as heavy carrying them up stairs.
Fact: I prefer “making” to “building” things–it’s easier.

Looks good--but can it hold books?

Looks good–but can it hold books?

Yes, it can hold books.

Yes, it can hold books.

I wasn’t entirely sure that my makeshift bookcase wouldn’t look awful.  But, thankfully, Chelsea & I love how it turned out (structurally, functionally, & aesthetically).

Also, here’s a picture of our well-groomed living-room:

Got the love-seat from Marcus & Annie!

Got the love-seat from Marcus & Annie!

daisies & crazies,

My desk has a theme, ya dig?



P.S. I feel like “e’e” should be something, shouldn’t it?  Here, let me show it to you in isolation:


See what I mean?


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