Chewed bliss, miss.

In response to Chad’s “Chewed food, dude.” post, I would like to pass on some of the successful Pinterest recipes I’ve made the past few weeks. I am always looking for simple, low ingredient recipes on Pinterest! 

Chicken Pot Pie Soup — I froze half of it to have a go-to meal when I get lazy.  🙂


Crockpot Orange Chicken — This recipe is SO easy. I did notice that orange marmalade has “high fructose corn syrup” as one of the first ingredients, but it’s probably still healthier than Chinese takeout. 


Cranberry ChickenAnother really easy recipe. We always have rice with it which essentially doubles the recipe’s servings.


Creamy Garlic Penne (I used ziti) Pasta — I got this one from Jennette Heller–she’s a really good homemaker.  She’s got a new food blog you can check out, Our Splendid Table!


Chicken Fried Rice — We thought this tasted too “sesame-y”. I keep trying to find the perfect chicken fried rice recipe for Chad, but he claims he likes the one I made up best. 🙂 


Crockpot Fried RiceThis one was pretty salty and reminded me of the taste of soup. I added frozen broccoli to the recipe and enjoyed the added texture. Make sure you are adding already cooked rice to the crockpot. It wasn’t our favorite food but it was so easy that I’ll probably make it again.


Ribs — Made in 2 hours!! They smelled weird when they came out of the oven but tasted delicious!! I used pork boneless ribs. They were pretty fatty but we still got plenty of meat out of them. Sorry for the weirdly small image.


English Muffin Pizzas — This one made me laugh because it is called a “Toddler Meal”, but Chad is so picky I feel like I’m feeding a toddler sometimes.  🙂 We eat a lot of pizza around here. But the more “homemade” it is, the better, in my opinion, because that means less preservatives. 


I’m still trying more recipes and slowly building up the ingredients and spices I have in my kitchen. I am currently excited for my next trip to the grocery store because I want to get the ingredients for chocolate chip banana bread.  🙂

Chelsea Ryan


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