Jobby Job Job

I thought I could share a brief summary about both of my new work opportunities here in Massachusetts. First a summary, then a personal note 🙂

The Children’s Piazza
The Children’s Piazza is an indoor play area for kids that is much cleaner than any other play area around. I met with the owner in February and we had agreed that I’d work there until I found a full time job and then “we’ll see what happens.” Long story short, I really love the job that I’ve been assigned, so I made the decision to keep working there alongside my full time job. My position is now “Birthday Party Coordinator”, which is mostly a weekend job, but I also answer emails during the week concerning questions and scheduling the birthday parties. April and May are almost completely booked for parties and I’m sure summer will be busy too. I love the opportunity to work from home during the week and then attend the birthday parties on weekends. Everyone in my family knows I love birthdays, so it’s really the perfect job for me 🙂

Addison Gilbert Hospital
This is my full time job Monday-Friday, 8-4:30. I am on a team of 6 people working on a government grant research project. I am the Data Analyst on the team. This job will go through the end of July, unless the grant gets extended. If the grant gets extended, it will take me into the fall. I work directly under the vice president of Addison Gilbert Hospital, who is a very nice woman.  Our team gets to go on a trip to San Diego in April for a conference. I am so excited for the trip. I have always wanted to go on a business trip–this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me! (And we get to stay at a really nice hotel!).

Personal Note
I am just so thankful to have these two jobs. I love the people I work for. The locations are both 15 minutes away. The pay is great.  I’m proud that I didn’t settle for my “back ups”. Thank you all for your prayers and support 🙂

Chelsea Ryan


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