Sunday Six – April 13th, 2014

This “Sunday Six” may or may not continue, but I have a lot to say this week.

1) How I Met Your Mother. I finished 8 seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix then watched the final 4 episodes of the entire series on Hulu. It was such a good show. It was a bit crude at times, but it made me laugh out loud almost every episode. It also made me cry several times and it had some good life lessons. My life feels a bit empty now that it’s over, but I always have good ‘ole Gilmore Girls to watch over and over again. 🙂

2) Haircut. I cut Chad’s hair Saturday, mainly because he has a job interview Monday. We’ll see if this poor (poor meaning “not good” and also “money saving”) haircut gets him the job or not, lol. Luckily my mom can fix my mistakes in less than a month when we’re home. 🙂





3) Church. I’m bummed we haven’t settled into a church yet. It will feel really good once we find a church to belong to.

4) Good Friday. Whenever Easter rolls around I think very fondly of my second year at the University of Iowa. I didn’t have any classes on Fridays so I made that my designated Sabbath. I met God at Starbucks every Friday to read, write, and pray. I’ve gone through a season here of not having a Sabbath and it’s evident that it’s not healthy for me. I’m looking forward to making rest a priority again in my life.

5) Monies. It looks like we’ll be able to pay a good portion of next fall’s tuition, which makes me very happy (knock-on-wood/pray).

6) In love. I am so in love with Chad lately, it’s insane. 🙂


Chelsea Ryan


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