Sunday Six – June 8th, 2014

Hey all. It has been an interesting few weeks with an awesome vacation and then a naturally tough transition back into work mode, even though it is nice to have routine. Here are some small updates from the life of Chad and Chelsea.

1) Surprise. Something that really surprised me about my trip back to Iowa was my dis-infatuation with Des Moines. I brag about Des Moines all the time, but it wasn’t Des Moines that made the trip special. It was the people we love there. Chad and I went to bed at midnight every night and woke up around 7 or 8 am each day. We spent every waking moment with our families, and I have no regrets. Des Moines is still amazing, but without family there it wouldn’t be home.

2) Realization. I realized since Chad and I took a big leap together and moved 20+ hours from family, it wouldn’t be so bad to live 10 hours from family when he’s done with seminary. When people here ask where we’d like to end up after seminary, we say “Iowa, or at least somewhere in the Midwest.” We’ll see 🙂

3) Moose. We dog-sat right for this cutie when we got back from our trip. His name is Moose. We had a ton of fun, but it kind of took some of my doggy desire away. 😉



4) Time. Now that Netflix is out of our lives (lol), Chad and I are intentionally spending more time together to connect. Friday we played tennis, Saturday we took a car ride to pick up our friends, and today we walked, played games, and ate together. We’re learning to love each other where we’re at.

couch cuddle

couch cuddle

5) Coffee. I, Chelsea, am no longer a slave to coffee. Over the past week I’ve decreased my caffeine intake tremendously. Now I am pretty much down to 1-2 cups of Earl Gray tea a day. I used to drink 2 or more travel mugs worth of coffee a day. I love coffee, but I have actually felt more energized without it.

6) Campus. Chad and I have enjoyed the weather and we’ve been going on more walks around campus lately. It’s a beautiful campus with a big hill that has been working my legs 🙂

I took this picture on a campus walk this week.

Campus walk.



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