How I’ve begun to unplug.

consider me convicted.

Joshua S. Porter

Narcissus. Narcissus.

Social media is stupid. Yes, in theory, it can be a useful tool and all that, but let’s be honest: It’s stupid. We both know that (you the reader, and myself). For each sliver of substance one might mine from the monolith of social networking, there is enough vapid, inane, self-obsessed drivel to power all of Skynet. Forever.

Now everyone just calm the heck down. Just because it’s stupid doesn’t mean there’s anything inherently wrong with it, per se. Not unlike boxing or Wife Swap, social media is simultaneously stupid and fun.

Not to mention handy. I enjoy following movie and music news via Twitter, promoting my books and music via Facebook, and celebrating a good LP via Instagram. So how does one reap the small shred of benefit without inviting the tumbling boulder of unbelievable pointlessness?

Here are three steps I’ve taken in my attempt to limit the bad…

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