Elliot’s Legs

“Why is your suite different from everyone else’s?  Why is the bathroom huge?  And why do you have a walk-in closet?” asked a freshman floormate who lived down the hall.  It was the beginning of the year, and we were all still getting to know one another on our dorm floor.

“It’s the handicap-suite.  The shower even has a stool you can sit on,” I informed him.

“Is someone handicapped in your suite?” he asked.

I shot back, “Yeah–Elliot.”

Cautiously, he asked the obvious question: “…What does he have?!”

Un-cautiously, I answered, “Prosthetic legs.”

(No, Elliot doesn’t actually have prosthetic legs.  And we just happened to get the handicap-suite by a fluke.)

My floormate doubted and his face reflected it, so I questioned his doubt: “Why do you think Elliot never wears shorts?”

He thought for a few seconds, mustering the few vague memories of Elliot he had since meeting him weeks ago.  “Oh man.  I haven’t seen him wear shorts…”

(Yes, Elliot wears shorts.  It was even summertime when this happened, when Elliot’s shorts were aplenty.)

While my floormate was pretty astounded at Elliot’s purported handicap, I was pretty astounded at how easy it was to manipulate his memory.

But here’s the truth and moral of the story: Elliot has two sculpted, bronze, hairy legs, capable of running long distances and getting him from-A-to-B.

And that is the story of Elliot’s legs.

And this is a picture of Elliot that I took yesterday:

cause it's Elliot


Elliot Lui was one of my suitemates at Wheaton College during my freshman year (along with Mark, Gabe, & Joel) and a good friend throughout my time there.  He was always forgiving of my germophobia, over-consumption of TP, and unintentional racism (I somehow thought it was okay to ask, “What brand of Asian are you?” lol).

Among other reasons, I was stoked to come to Gordon-Conwell because my good ‘ole friend Elliot “Legs” Lui lives in Massachusetts!  I’m so glad that we finally got to hangout, and I’m thankful that he was willing to spend a few bucks to take a few trains to come visit me at the seminary:

Elliot & I


I’m really hoping to visit Elliot at his home in Quincy, MA in the near-ish future.  So thankful to have friends like him who encourage me in the faith.  God bless Elliot.

Oh, and I’m really glad that I found this song about Elliot that I recorded while in college; enjoy the madness:

crows & nose,

P.S.  Eliot’s got a blog, too!  Give it a visit: Asian Believer: Continually Learning in Truth.


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