28-Song Countdown to Xmas!

Chelsea & I have been in the Christmas spirit for two weeks now–we’re glad to see that many of you are catching up now that Thanksgiving is over. ūüôā Yes, we’ve been listening to Christmas music non-stop for the past two weeks (an abomination to many of you, I know), and we won’t let up until Christmas is over!

I wanted to share a Spotify playlist of my¬†absolute favorite¬†Christmas songs.* I decided to limit myself by making it a “countdown”: there are 28 days from now until Christmas…so that’s how many songs there are lol. So here they are, in ranked order (from top-to-bottom, best-to-“worst”):

Unfortunately, my¬†very favorite Christmas song is M.I.A. on Spotify–but I found it on YouTube! A word about this song: it is an original song by John Davis…who I know nothing about. Whoever he is, he made an incredible Christmas song. The song tells, in brief, portions of the¬†redemeptive-historical narrative of the Gospel. The song climaxes with the climax of history: Jesus.

I tell you the truth: Jesus is real!
God is alive–so how does it feel?

I wish you all a blessed Christmas season. Let us all imaginatively anticipate the First Advent of Christ, as our ancestors did, and celebrate it with expectancy for the Second Advent. Jesus is real, God is alive!

thrifts & gifts,

*Two caveats: 1) In general, I didn’t bother with ranking songs if they weren’t on Spotify; thus, there are a few of my favorites “missing” on this list. 2) I didn’t bother to go through all the “Christmas classics” that you hear on the radio & in movies & such–it would be entirely too much good music to sort through; therefore, most of this list is comprised of songs in my own music collection, for I listen to these songs the most¬†throughout the Christmas seasons.


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