Some Catching Up…

Chad and I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I would post some pictures we have taken over the past couple months. I try to blog pictures that the Facebook world hasn’t seen yet, so hopefully some of these are interesting!

One of my recent work achievements (if you can call it that..) was becoming a Notary! When clients come in to sign their Estate Planning documents I am the Notary on their Wills, Trusts, Health Care documents, Powers of Attorney, etc. I enjoy getting more time with our clients!


We made a trip home to Iowa this July. It was wonderful. We got to see our new niece, Eleanor, and our new nephew, Weston.


Another July event was our 3rd Annual Christmas in July party! Chad and Kevin did most of the decorating while I was at work which was a really nice surprise! We had a great time and plan to continue this tradition. IMG_20150724_190008472
The weekend of our Christmas in July party, we got a visit from my brother, Caleb, who was out here for a business trip. We played disc golf and had dinner together and got to show him our apartment, which was still decked out in Christmas stuff. I’m so thankful for visits from family! Caleb was the great photographer of our pregnancy announcement picture, too!


My parents also visited us this summer. We climbed a mountain with our car (lol), and took some pictures up top with them. They treated us to a getaway condo in the Berkshires, then spent a couple nights near us in Rockport, MA. I think they appreciated all of the trees we have in New England, but are luring us to come back to the cornfields ASAP! 🙂


Now, just a few random pictures:

Most of the frosting came off my donut in the bag 😦



A couple of my cravings. Texas Roadhouse was mainly for the rolls. Chik-Fil-A was really early on, around 8 weeks before my disgust for chicken kicked in.



Selfie at work:


16 week “bump” (I’m almost 18 weeks, now):


Chad entered and won a drumming contest at Guitar Center this past week. This was part of his competition, lol.


Pretty sunset at our Bible Study’s picnic recently!



Hoping to be more consistent with blogging… I’m sure once the baby comes we’ll annoy everyone with a ton of pictures 🙂



Sunday Seven – 1/18/2015

1) First and most important, our beautiful niece was born Tuesday morning! Her name is Eleanor Jane Ryan 🙂 We now have 4 nieces and 2 nephews (a third nephew due in April!)!

img_4231 img_4279

2) Next plan to see family is in March – we are going to Florida for a week with my side of the family! We are flying into Atlanta then taking a car rental to drive the rest of the way. It will be Chad’s first time seeing Sea Escape, the house my family rents out on the island. 🙂

3) Chad made homemade pico de gallo a few weeks ago and now I’ve started making “homemade” chips.. So we’re definitely a good pair 😉

4) Dance Moms. I am sadly invested in the show Dance Moms. 😛 I’m trying to figure out how to watch season 5, the current season, without cable, for free, haha.

5) We made it a full week without eating out. Naturally I want to reward ourselves by eating out?!?

6) It’s tax season. I got a W2 from Wells Fargo yesterday. I can’t believe I worked there last year! It feels so long ago.

7) Chad and I are very excited for our upcoming trip to Montreal! A French city in Quebec, Canada. We will be there the weekend of our Anniversary!!!


My Parents Visit! Pt.IV – “At Other Ole Places”

Between being at Gordon-Conwell, Boston, & the Atlantis Oceanfront Inn, we went to a few other places. We spent time at Bearskin Neck in Rockport, MA and at a handful of restaurants on the North Shore:


Although my photo edit makes it look rather bleak, Bearskin Neck is a cute, little shopping district with a ton of hole-in-the-wall shops. The road lined with shops eventually becomes a thin peninsula, with water on three sides of it.

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My Parents Visit! Pt.I – “At the Ole Gordon-Conwell”

Chelsea & I can’t wait to go home for Christmas–we love our families, we love our Des Moines. But two weeks ago our home-cravings were (temporarily) satisfied: my parents visited us! They had never been to New England before, so we were honored to show them the [few] ropes [that we know of]. Here are some things we did while hanging out at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary:

Dad & Mom on campus. They came at the perfect time: perfect weather, leaves turning, leaves falling.

Dad & Mom on campus. They came at the perfect time: perfect weather, leaves turning, leaves falling.

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Planning Financially for a Long Distance Move

In fall 2013, my husband applied to attend Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, which is near Boston, MA. We were both born and raised in Iowa and a move this big seemed pretty daunting to us as 23-year-old newlyweds. My brain is budget oriented so I immediately started crunching numbers and looking for money advice for a move like this. It was hard to find, so I thought I would post how we prepared for the move. Continue reading

Fall Kickoff

1) It’s September, can summer please be over now? Can I just have my hot coffee on a cool day, wear boots and tights, and watch the Chiefs kick ass?

2) I finished another book! Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner. It was a good read. I like Fiction/Chick Lit because they’re so easy to dive into. I’m also (slowly) working on Forgotten God by Francis Chan and The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer.

3) We went to Iowa last week. It was a great trip. Saying goodbye was still hard, but easier knowing that Christmas is only a few months away!! Chad’s parents are coming to visit us in October as well! We’re looking forward to that. 🙂

4) I honestly thank God for my sister every day. She’s been my best friend since birth, practically. I was thankful to see her in Des Moines, even though it was short. Every time we talk on the phone, she gets financially motivated, and I get organizationally motivated. It’s a win, win, win, friend.


5) I bought a Boston Red Sox shirt! I love it. Chad and I are hoping to go to a game at some point before he graduates.

6) Goals. I accomplished one of my short term goals this week. I wanted a somewhat steady, part-time, and enjoyable source of income. I found a family to babysit for and they’re literally 5 minutes from campus, very nice, and will most likely need me 2-3 times a month. Goal #2. I want to get more organized this fall. I specifically want to organize our walk-in closet, storage unit, and also organize our finances. Chad and I are pretty good with money, but in an unorganized way. 🙂 Goal #3. It’s time for this goal to “come out”. I’ve felt a calling for a few years to pursue a certification in Water Aerobics, then teach classes. I love water, I want to stay in shape, and I want to motivate others. I’ve researched the first steps in getting certified and it’s nearly required to have 6 months of experience taking Water Aerobics classes. I believe I’m going to become a Y member and begin these classes!

7) Market Basket is back! The owners finally worked everything out and our favorite, cheap, grocery store is back. Chad and I discovered Italian ice there this weekend. Market Basket sells a 6 pack for only $2.00 in orange, lemon, mango, etc.

I started this blog on Labor Day and was going to do “Labor Day Eleven” then I worked on it Tuesday and was going to do “Tuesday Ten” but now I just give up on numbers.

On a sad note, Chad’s Aunt passed away unexpectedly yesterday. Though we cannot be near for her funeral, we’re praying for her close family and Chad’s family and are with them in spirit. 😦