Some Catching Up…

Chad and I haven’t blogged in a while so I thought I would post some pictures we have taken over the past couple months. I try to blog pictures that the Facebook world hasn’t seen yet, so hopefully some of these are interesting!

One of my recent work achievements (if you can call it that..) was becoming a Notary! When clients come in to sign their Estate Planning documents I am the Notary on their Wills, Trusts, Health Care documents, Powers of Attorney, etc. I enjoy getting more time with our clients!


We made a trip home to Iowa this July. It was wonderful. We got to see our new niece, Eleanor, and our new nephew, Weston.


Another July event was our 3rd Annual Christmas in July party! Chad and Kevin did most of the decorating while I was at work which was a really nice surprise! We had a great time and plan to continue this tradition. IMG_20150724_190008472
The weekend of our Christmas in July party, we got a visit from my brother, Caleb, who was out here for a business trip. We played disc golf and had dinner together and got to show him our apartment, which was still decked out in Christmas stuff. I’m so thankful for visits from family! Caleb was the great photographer of our pregnancy announcement picture, too!


My parents also visited us this summer. We climbed a mountain with our car (lol), and took some pictures up top with them. They treated us to a getaway condo in the Berkshires, then spent a couple nights near us in Rockport, MA. I think they appreciated all of the trees we have in New England, but are luring us to come back to the cornfields ASAP! 🙂


Now, just a few random pictures:

Most of the frosting came off my donut in the bag 😦



A couple of my cravings. Texas Roadhouse was mainly for the rolls. Chik-Fil-A was really early on, around 8 weeks before my disgust for chicken kicked in.



Selfie at work:


16 week “bump” (I’m almost 18 weeks, now):


Chad entered and won a drumming contest at Guitar Center this past week. This was part of his competition, lol.


Pretty sunset at our Bible Study’s picnic recently!



Hoping to be more consistent with blogging… I’m sure once the baby comes we’ll annoy everyone with a ton of pictures 🙂



“No Pier Pressure” by Brian Wilson — Album Review

Brian Wilson‘s newest album, No Pier Pressure, is doing weird things to me. It’s messing me up emotionally–really, I’m serious. Certain moments from this album have been playing over & over in my head since I first spun the record earlier this week. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time music moved me this much. Typically, if I’m moved at all by a song, it’s due to the lyrics. While some beautiful lyrics are paired with beautiful sounds in No Pier Pressure, in general, the lyrics take a backseat to the sounds. This isn’t new, though–Wilson has always had a knack for capturing emotion in sound (even in his earliest days with The Beach Boys).

Below is my track-by-track ranking of No Pier Pressure (Deluxe Edition), with a few thoughts thrown in for each one. I hope you will consider listening to this album, as it is quite possibly the last LP we’ll get from the musical legend that is Brian Wilson–but if not, at least consider giving a few of my top song picks a listen. 🙂

1. Just masterful. The pre-chorus & chorus are breathtaking, both musically & lyrically. The background vocals absolutely floor me–I can’t get enough of them. (I also love the subtle organ pulse in the pre-chorus–very reminiscent of The Beach Boys’ Love You album. Oo, & those synth-horns are super tasty.) The heartbreak in this song is palpable: “But now you’re gone and I gotta get on with my life…”
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28-Song Countdown to Xmas!

Chelsea & I have been in the Christmas spirit for two weeks now–we’re glad to see that many of you are catching up now that Thanksgiving is over. 🙂 Yes, we’ve been listening to Christmas music non-stop for the past two weeks (an abomination to many of you, I know), and we won’t let up until Christmas is over!

I wanted to share a Spotify playlist of my absolute favorite Christmas songs.* I decided to limit myself by making it a “countdown”: there are 28 days from now until Christmas…so that’s how many songs there are lol. So here they are, in ranked order (from top-to-bottom, best-to-“worst”): Continue reading