The Lord begets me.

The Lord, he gets me.


The begotten God has got me,

the begotten God has not forgotten me.


The path he trod for me,

will not be lost on me.


Jesus was pure, he purified my soul.

Jesus was pure, he left me desiring more.


My Father opens his hand,

my Father opens his hands to me.


by Chelsea Ryan


Seminary Literature Review: Spring 2014 Edition

Spring Books

I read a couple thousand pages this past spring semester, my first at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. I made a promise to myself before I started school that I would attempt to read all of my assigned reading. Even though I didn’t quite finish by the time exams concluded, I trudged on in my quest to finish, and I finally did a few weeks into summer.

I enjoyed & gained so much from so many books this past spring that I decided to write a brief(ish) literature review of the fourteen books I got to read. I’ve given each book a rating and described a few strengths & weaknesses (and I’ve also provided Amazon links to each book–just click on the book-covers!). Okay, here we go–starting with my favorite book from the semester: Continue reading